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Current programme

One to one lessons:
Sessions run throughout the year, they are arranged around the availability of the individual and with the practice designed according to the individual's needs.  It is generally recommended that the individual attends sessions every three to four weeks and practises on a regular basis in their home consulting their teacher via email or telephone if they have a query. Sessions take place in Wine Street, Bradford on Avon. Fees £35 per hour. The initial consultation session is free of charge. 

One to one Zoom classes are also available and can be arranged to meet your needs and times.
Online Zoom Yoga Class

An Online Zoom class takes place on Monday evenings 6.30pm - 7.30pm. For details about the class, please contact Geoff.

The next workshop is 'Yoga & Relationships'and as so much teaching is now on Zoom, this yoga day will give us the opportunity to practice together to experience the power and subtlety of working together in a group.

Desikachar said that the key to yoga was the importance of relationships particularly between the teacher and the people we teach, and all the significant relationships in our lives.

We will explore the concepts of 'maitri' (friendliness) , 'karuna' (compassion), 'mudita' (sympathetic joy) and 'upeksanam' equanimity.

we will also look at some of the latest developments in yoga practice inspired by the AYS Association of Yoga Studies Convention 2023.

This will be in Frome on Saturday 4 November 2023,10am-4.30pm at The RISE Centre, (formerly Hubnub), Whittox Lane, Frome Somerset, BA11 3BY

The cost for the day is £50 and to book a place please contact Geoff at or ring 01225 635244.

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